November 8, 2016

PLAY Party Dec 9th

Hello you! The Play Experience will be playing host to a very selective crowd on December 9th at a superb private residence in Central London commencing 10pm onwards. There will be a limit of 12 couples max and of course singles, both male and female are welcome providing everyone is aware of the rules, meaning to respect each other, to dress and look super sexy and NO really does mean NO. Security will be on the premises at all times and a free bar included […]
August 21, 2016


“Seven Shades of Red is approaching and now is your last chance to buy access into the doors of the hottest, filthiest event in London commencing August 27th… This really is not one for the shy so brace yourselves for the steamiest, sexual soiree inside of one of London’s hottest Penthouses…” We waste no time trying to be a show pony. The shit we bring to the table – its all or nothing!   OH MY! THE PLAY EXPERIENCE ARE GIVING AWAY COMPLIMENTARY HOLIDAYS???? As per […]
August 5, 2016

PLAY RED continues to dominate…

Firstly, we cannot believe we have less than 27 days until our London RED party commences… We are super excited to bring together not only a sensational erotic party at a Private Exclusive London Residence, but with a further “Seven Heavenly Surprises” that are given to you as soon as you purchase your Play RED Ticket! “The world only exists in your eyes. You can make it as big or as small as you want.” F. Scott Fitzgerald All elements to this intimate affair will […]
July 24, 2016

Sex toy review published in GQ

So recently I was asked to write a sex-toy-review for a sex toy brand, who not only delivers a range of just exceptionally presented toys for couples, ladies and gents. It was with great pleasure to try a few of their favourite toys out for myself and write an honest sex review about their products! Introducing Perlesque… As a woman who carries herself well, who likes the finer things in life, who likes to try and buy products a little differently than the rest and […]
July 18, 2016

Play Experience, 7 Shades of Red Erotic party – Beautifully Undressed Musings

The connection between lingerie and sex has always been up for debate – the objectification of women being the main concern. However for devotees of luxury lingerie, including myself as the founder of Beautifully Undressed, an online emporium for lingerie lovers, the feeling that one derives from beautiful lingerie on ones body can best be described as incredibly empowering. Many lingerie obsessives will espouse to lingerie being an absolute appreciation and celebration of the female body and sexuality adorned. One feels feminine and above all […]
November 27, 2015

Would you like to attend a sex party?

Every boy grows up dreaming of being involved in a threesome! Come on……don’t deny it!!!! By the time we leave school, we start to chase that dream but as the years tick over, we start to realise that the chances of success in our quest are diminishing! RAPIDLY! ….To all my brothers from Wynberg, I hope your dreams came true and you are now settling into life with the odd element of success of what the current topic is If not, Play…. …Not too long ago, I […]
November 19, 2015


Play Play Play! Those words keep rummaging through our heads…. Seeking the best venues for our parties, meeting and greeting at London’s luxurious events, clubs, bars, coffee shops, at the gym, shaking hands, introducing ourselves, welcoming new PLAY staff to the team, introducing The Play Experience to newbies… They never said it would be easy but it’s damn sure worth it! In the short time we have been around we most certainly have used our time well and we cannot wait to get started with […]
July 8, 2015


It was actually a god save that I found this gorgeous boutique on Marlborough Street, London, on the way to my launch – running late as per usual!! I already had been shopping that day in Selfridges and bought 2 dresses that I actually hated, regretfully I didn’t give myself enough time to find that perfect “launch” dress. I wanted to feel special, my new brand, my new business, my everything! I just HAD to look the part. Doubting my dress efforts in the black […]