1. What is the Play Experience?

Please see our “About” page to get the full run down, however, just to add to that we want to bring The Play Experience into Classy and Sophistication.

What we mean by that is most people’s impression of Sex Parties is Trashy, Seedy, Dirty, and downright shagging, without any Imagination at all…

We have been to those parties, and we have been extremely disappointed indeed, which is one of the reasons why we wanted to start something completely new, new in the sense, that as soon as you attend one of our fabulous parties, you will immediately feel at ease and comfortable, as we will make sure you are looked after by one of our Play Ambassadors. There is nothing quite worse, then getting all excited, and then no-one introduces you to the other guests. It can be really awkward, and many people have left “other” parties because of this reason…

We WELCOME you to TRY the Play Experience, you will not be disappointed, and when you go through the Application Process on our “Apply” Page, you will see we do have sensible and very cool protocols to ensure the right people show up, and the right people get the attention they deserve…

2. What Happens at Play?

We host “themed” events to bring Absolute Beginners & Seasoned Experts together, in funky, quirky, decadent and exciting locations.

Our Themed Locations are exhaustively researched in order to achieve levels of excellence, cleanliness and secrecy.

Due to the sensitive nature of the activities within our events, certain location addresses are only revealed hours before the event begins by secure communication channels previously arranged by the Member and The Play Experience Management.

Your “secret” is safe with us and have we have a stringent Privacy Policy all members must adhere to so we can all enjoy the freedom, fun and excitement the Play Experience offers at every single event we host.

3. What Kind of Events does The Play Experience offer?

There are presently Seven Options you can choose from as a Member;

* For the Yacht & Private Jet experiences, only PLAY Elite members can attend these events, as the uniqueness and expense of these parties is prohibitive for most.

For a private consultation on the full details please email us at - vip@theplayexperience.com

4. What types of Membership does The Play Experience offer?

There are three types of Memberships the Play Experience offer.

It really depends how often you are going to Patronise our events and be involved with the Play Experience.

Membership starts from only £195 as the one time initial joining fee and only £99 a year to maintain it.

Members who demand more can join our Elite level which offers a full suite of services, most of them free.

For full details of each membership level, please see below;

5. How Do I Successfully Apply?

We insist on three requirements at first and an ongoing basis.

Anyone who refuses or does not honour these requirements will be expelled as a Member and will not be allowed to reapply.


Hygiene & Personal Grooming.

Members expect you to be clean, in all ways, inside and out. This means you are extremely mindful of your own personal Hygiene and Cleanliness levels. Please ensure at all times before and after any sexual activity you are in tip top condition. This will include how you look and smell, down to crisp, fresh smelling breaths, to fresh clothing, and maybe a visit to the Salon for the girls and guys…

Members who really take care of how they look will determine how much attention they get…the people who make the most effort in displaying their charm, manners and physicality will be in huge demand…

If it is not a themed dressed event, smart casual is the standard. If it is a strict themed event such as a masked Ball, or a unique fetish party, the right clothing will send you to the top of the Play Experience VIP List.

Be prepared, we do have the right to refuse entry to anyone who simply does not make the effort!


Yes. One of the un-sexiest acts in a High End Erotic Party is rude and disrespectful people.

Manners are a prerequisite of being a true member of the Play Experience Community.

Be polite, it will take you far and most certainly will get you on the Hot list for the Play Intimate INVITE only after parties. No really does mean NO! This does not mean the next member will feel the same, and if they do, you better look at yourself in the mirror then ask one of the Play Experience Ambassadors what they think may be wrong…you might not wanna hear it, but honesty is what you will get.

We are there to facilitate that you have the Best Experience Possible, and sometimes that means we might privately consult with you, ONLY to improve your possibilities of having, literally, the time of your life.

Be Cool.

Members are attracted to people, that act with a certain air of confidence and display a level of coolness a certain “Je ne sais quoi…” or in English, member’s reactions to you in their minds is… “I don’t know what it is about them, but they are just so cool, I would LOVE to get to know them...”

So think about how you can be cooler, is it something your wearing, is it the way you move, or is it your Compelling Personality and Energy that engages people…

Whatever it maybe, Being Cool is the art of Foreplay, or getting people excited to take things further with you. We can tell you from direct Experience of attending many parties, if you can reach their mind, you will definitely unlock their deepest fantasies, and they will not hesitate to get physical with you…

When this happens, and it does happen, you will be in the best place in your life, our advice? Enjoy EVERY moment…you will treasure it for the rest of your life and may even start friendships that become the most meaningful you have ever experienced…

6. Are My Personal Details Safe and Secure?

In short, yes they are. Even when you join as a member, The Play Experience will not come up on your credit card receipt. We use a generic name, which we only reveal on successful application that has no reference at all to Elite, Erotic or Sex Parties.

Your Personal details are never revealed to anyone at all under any circumstances.

Please see our Privacy Policy and Terms And Conditions for all the details.

7. How do you contact The Play Experience?

To get the best out of The Play Experience, we want to hear from you and we want to talk with you…

We will be delighted to receive your message & will normally respond within 24 hours…

If your message is really “hot” we might just respond sooner…

Please contact us by Email - ask@theplayexperience.com

8. How much are the parties and events?

Ans: Our parties range from £50 for single girls to £99 for couples.

This is the ball park price range in most of our events, however, we do have unique events, such as weekends, which would cost more. Full details are given on request and listed on all the party details