PLAY Party Dec 9th

Hello you!

The Play Experience will be playing host to a very selective crowd on December 9th at a superb private residence in Central London commencing 10pm onwards.

There will be a limit of 12 couples max and of course singles, both male and female are welcome providing everyone is aware of the rules, meaning to respect each other, to dress and look super sexy and NO really does mean NO. Security will be on the premises at all times and a free bar included in the price. We want you to feel right at home, this will be our most intimate event yet between NEW like-minded individuals.  For something a little different, we welcome all to bring an alcoholic beverage of your choice.

Once you pay for your ticket a secret word will be sent to you so please remember it and only speak of it once you arrive at the doors for the security to invite you in.

ALL guests are to be vetted and approved before proceeding. 

We do regret to inform you that if you have not been successful in our strict vetting process your funds will be automatically transferred back into your account. 

The theme to this event is anything of your choice. For once, we want to see what YOU bring to the table providing ladies are dressed gorgeously adherent to PLAY’s previous quality dress codes and you fine gentlemen to dress as prestigious and tuxed up as you feel fit!

Singles 99.00
Couples 139.00



Once all is processed we will personally call you 24 hours before the event  to inform our attendees of the venue address.