Your *COMP 7-Day European Holiday Awaits

… Just purchase that Play ticket…

People call me crazy
People do not understand the logic
People ask me over and over “this is too good to be true”

These People are RIGHT and I LOVE IT!!! ☺

Let me fill you in on a little secret… When I first started attending sex parties I didn’t quite understand what I was paying for… yeh, yeh, its gonna be a little ‘more pricey” because you are paying for something a little bit “different” per-se to other normal parties… You are talking full blown naked sex orgies here! Of course it is going to come at a cost!

However, we are not selling our souls here…. I know people (people with status, these people certainly don’t need to be “paying for anything” as they flock in their own elite crowds – they simply rendezvous at their own homes, or their friends’ homes!) This is my point!

“What more should one offer rather than bringing a bunch of horny naked people together???”

So when I decided to set PLAY up I aimed BIG, I always aim big…. I continuously reach out to newbies/regulars, but most importantly ‘communities’ …I don’t beat around the bush either because I am fully aware these guys have a little more to spend than your average.

Everyday should be a newer BETTER Experience!

I aim to “bring together” a community, of which, (not only can pay for their own personal soirees) but to bring them to a new environment and meet further hedonistics… with a few naughty “well-deserved” extras…. With extras I mean add-ons…. Everybody likes a bargain, however everyone likes to receive MORE than his or her moneys worth!



After recently joint venturing with a travel agent I have the privilege of offering the very best to my fellow debauchees….

I decided to shock you and THAT I do very well!!

YOUR SEVEN “HEAVENLY” COMPLIMENTARY PRIVELEGES START RIGHT HERE! *(Subject to the first 50 ticket holders ONLY) So, as soon as you purchase your PLAY RED ticket these will be automatically “rightfully” yours:

  • A complimentary 7-day luxury 4 star holiday in Europe
  • A complimentary private limousine pick up to our exclusive residence (and drop off)
  • An all night “on-call” Make Up artist and Hair Stylist (in a private room)
  • Nakedb beauty cosmetics given to you of a value of £100
  • A constant supply of energy drinks throughout the night
  • An exclusive collaboration with BUNDRESSED /we bring generous lingerie discounts on the night
  • And the seventh heaven party itself in an exclusive London venue including LIVE erotic “red” erotic performances

This erotic affair will cater to ONLY 150 patrons, so please be sure to grab your tickets quickly as spaces are limited!

Date & Time: 27th August / 8pm until 6am

Location: Secret Central London Residence

Tickets and more info please visit:

From myself & The Play Family we look forward to meeting you!



CEO of The Play Experience